Let’s connect

Let’s connect

If you are German but you like to keep your blog in English language you are welcome to join this Facebook group for bloggers.
I haven’t found a group supporting that, yet I created one.
Let’s connect and spread post links.
No Spam and only blog owners are allowed to post!

This is the main description as kick start for this group – tips are welcome as I never invented a group before.
My aim is to connect to more bloggers (regardless of their main blog niche) who are writing English blogs although it’s not their native language and they are originally from Germany.

I am one of those and I have several reasons why I do write in English.
First of all because I love this language and can only improve it by using it.
Besides that I’m used to talk and write English for my job, and my husband is Libyan so our main language is English as well, and if I want my blog to be international I have to stick to an international language, German is not really international even if some Germans try it over and over again during holidays abroad :-)

Let’s learn from each other as well as drive traffic and comments – I’m happy to see you there.

And for those who are used to create FB groups – whatever you see that can be improved, let me know, I assume it’s lots and as said, the more I can learn the better.

Take care!



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Share your thoughts with me, constructive critic is welcome as well! Take care

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