Strawberry Tiramisu easy

Today your are getting one of my Favorit dessert recipes.

It’s so tasty and really easy to prepare:

(Ignore calories – otherwise you will not be able to eat it – haha.)

You need the following:

Fresh strawberries – 300g
Mascarpone – 200g
Cream – 200g
Espresso – 100ml
Ladyfingers (also called sponge finger) – 15 pcs
Vanilla sugar – 2-3 teaspoons
Chocolate powder or chocolate plates

The amount differs on how many persons you will make happy or if you like it more fruity, more creamy, it’s up to your taste.
My recipe is for around 4 persons.

Just mix mascarpone, cream and vanilla sugar homogeneous.
Strawberries should be washed and cut into slices.
Espresso – not too hot anymore.
Then you just layer all in a bowl or directly in small dessert bowls.
First the ladyfingers, they will be soaked with Espresso.
Second layer is the cream and then you put the strawberry slices on.
You can have as many layers as you want, the last on top should be the cream.
Cool it down in the fridge for at least 2 hours, the ladyfingers should be soaked completely before it’s served.
Right before serving I put either the chocolate powder or the flakes on top and if you wish you can decorate with a complete strawberry.




Share your thoughts with me, constructive critic is welcome as well! Take care

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