The first time I prepared Tofu…

…still cooking recipes from my cooking box test I went to the second recipe which was
stem cabbage radish vegetables with sesame tofu.

I like both, stem cabbage as well as radish, but the combination of them prepared with yoghurt, basil and lemon scoring was totally new to me. Tofu is something I never prepared before – it’s getting a new thrill.
My sister already told me upfront that you need many spices for the tofu to have a taste in the end so I put more soya sauce than mentioned in the recipe to have it marinated.
Sesame added and fried in a pan it looked as delicious as on the picture I hot before.
The vegetables were prepared easily and after I filled the dishes it looked almost the same as on ten recipe picture.
What about the taste?
The vegetable itself was perfect, but the taste was not mine. I would have gone with simply salt pepper and a bit of cream, that would have been my personal taste.
And the completely new taste tofu – what should I say? It really looked delicious but tasted like nothing than sesame. Not even a bit of the soya sauce taste. This means a new challenge for the future – prepare it again and try to get more taste in – haha.
If someone is interested in the full recipe – just let me know and I will send it to you.

KR and a nice 1st May evening,
Miss Faith


Share your thoughts with me, constructive critic is welcome as well! Take care

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