Our summer wedding in the garden – part I

Our summer wedding in the garden – part I
There are those long, hot Summer days that just seem to go on for ever and that usually end in an evening of sitting outide, drinking, chatting and laughing. Our wedding at the garden of my parents was exactly one of these days. The most perfect weather for a wedding you could imagine and a perfect location in which to enjoy it. From start to end it was a wonderful, sunny, happy day and we so enjoyed it.
On the morning of the wedding we still had lots to prepare although we did a good job the days before. But as always, there are many small things which need time and I loved to see how everyone was helping us along to make it happen in time and for us to have an amazing wedding. We can’t say Thanks often enough for that.
My husbands uncle and aunt arrived shortly before I had to leave for the hairdresser and gave me the first touching moment of the day. My husbands parents died years ago and he had a watch his dad gave to him to wear it on his wedding day, I liked this story already and reminded him not to forget to wear this special watch. His uncle is the brother of his mum and his wife came to me with a small present. She explained me that this is something she received from my mum in law when she married her brother and she thought it to be perfect for me now. A silver bracelet which is the most perfect gift for me. It has even the style I like so much and fits as if it’s meant to be. That was honestly the best and most precious gift I received that day!

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